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Shergarh Fort
Shergarh Fort is extended in the perimeter of 10 Km on Kaimur hill in south-west from Sasaram in Chenari region. It is believed that fort was build by Sher Shah in between 1540 to 1545 after victory on Rohtas for her Hindu beloved. There are many temples, grave, Emambara except fort. It was safe in view of security in fortification.
Sasaram, one of the important ancient towns in Bihar, during the sixteenth century formed part of the Jaunpur Kingdom and was under the control of a Pathan Chief named Hasan Khan Sur who was the father of the mighty ruler Sher Shah. When Hasan Khan was holding Sasaram as his Jagir the town was protected by fortifications with the citadel of Hasan Khan inside. This citadel which was earlier known as Nawabgadh is now known as the Shergarh Fort which is situated quite close to the Sher Shah's tomb in Sasaram. The Shergarh Fort in sabzi mandi area is popularly supposed to be the old residence of Hasan Khan Sur where Sher Shah had lived during his childhood. This castle like building has three storeys and a number of rooms besides a large gate. Being associated with the Afghan ruler Sher Shah and his father Hasan Khan Sur the Shergadh, also known as Nawabgadh earlier, is a monument of great historical importance.

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