Dev Markande
It lies 7 kms on the north of Nasiriganj.This place has been centre of art and culture from ancient times on the western and southern side of the village,there are on the western-east of this village there is a Temple of Lord Shiv which has a ancientInscription(Shiva-Linga) in it.Around 100 m on the south of this mound there is another small hill which stretches to 200 ft long from east to west and is 120 ft wide from north to south.On thissmall hill in north and south new Temple have been built.On the corner of north-east point of Temple lies aInscription(Shiva-Linger) facing in all four direction.On the west of it is a Sun Temple.It has a big image of Sun deity there lies Trimurti.On the east of Sun God,liesUmaMaheshwar.On the east wall we have Durga and Chamunda.On the west wall we have statue of two Ganesh’s.On the western side of this temple there is another temple of Shiva,which has Inscription(Shiv-Linga) and a river situated in it.

On the west of this small hill we have a Vishnu Temple,which as statue of God Vishnu.On the outside wall of Temple,there lies two statue of God Ganesha.On the south of this Temple,a new Temple has been built which has statue of GodessParvati and Saraswati.On the southern-east part of this mound,there is EK MUKHI Inscription(Shiva-Linga).In this way,All this Temple from PanchtayanaMandir.On the south-eastern side of this mound there’s a small water tank,which is called SurajPukhara.The remains of north-black.Mridbhand tradition have been found here at different places,which are from 600-1200 A.D.Buchanan found a Shilalekh,which belong to King of CheruFudiChandre,but it wasn’t found by either Cunninggham or Gaurik.As per the Shilalekha(Vikramsawant 120 or 103 A.D.) This Temple was built by the wife of king PhulChandra.But,this isn’t such a old Temple.The statue found here belong to Gupta period to post Gupta period.This place was centre for Shalva tradition but later it become a place of for God Sun followers.That’s why Shakaldwipi Brahmins(as they workship Sun-God) are found in abundance.but later it become place of worship for God Vishnu,Ganesha and various Godesses.DuringChhathPuja,this place gets very crowded as people from different place come to worship Sun God.

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